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About Me name is Tim...Welcome to!  This site is the result of a longtime dream to start a business based on my love of woodworking.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about the person who would like to provide you with your next hand crafted gift item.  I Retired in 2009 after a 36 year career working for a large chemical company.  I worked as a research chemical lab technician for the first 16 years of my career, then in the Information Technology division for the remaining 20 years.  I married my lovely wife Kathi in 1997. We're originally from Pennsylvania, but we currently reside in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  She brought 2 sons to our marriage, I brought one daughter.  All of our children are grown, and living on their own.  My wife loves anything to do with fitness. She collects exercise equipment like I collect tools.  She is also a certified personal trainer.  You can check out her website at

In addition to woodworking, I also enjoy running, SCUBA diving, fishing, gardening, and motorcycle riding.

My first experience with woodworking was watching my father make shelves and such for my mom when I was a little boy.  I didn't know why, but it fascinated me.  He never had what I would call proper woodworking tools, and the quality of what he made was somewhat crude when I look back on it.  But there was something amazing about starting with something that was practically worthless, and turning it into something that someone could use, or that someone would  even liked!

As a very young teen I had the opportunity to attend a neighborhood youth center where a very enterprising gentleman name Isaiah Pye, taught a woodworking class twice a week.  I had a lot of fun in that class, but I do remember disappointing Mr. Pye once.  At my mom's request, I painted a relief carving of an old Victorian style key that I had made out of Mahogany wood.  When I told Mr. Pye about it, I sensed strongly that he did not approve.  He never said a negative word to me, so I didn't understand why he was disappointed...but I never forgot it.

I enjoy making a variety of items, and don't consider myself to have a specialty.  I have found it a joy to have made everything, from the complex Pennsylvania Spice Box pictured on the main page, to the simplest cutting board.  When I choose to build something for the first time, its either because I saw it as a challenge; it was out of necessity (honey...can you make me a small cutting board for dicing veggies?); or it was just too beautiful not to build. 

Turning wood on a lathe was something I wanted to try, but had not found enough reason until I saw a "Turn Pens for the Troops" ad sponsored by the Allentown, PA Woodcraft Store.  All of the finished pens are donated to our troops overseas.  It's a wonderful way to let our troops know that we are still thinking about them back here at home, while at the same time learning a new craft.  Pen turning is now one of my favorite pastimes.

I believe one should never stop learning, so I do seek to further my skills by enrolling in courses at various woodworking schools.  Some of the schools I've attended include Lonnie Bird's School of Fine Woodworking in Dandridge, Tennessee, JD Lohr School of Woodworking in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, and The Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Franklin, Indiana. 

Anyway, that's the story.  I hope it gave you some insight into the care and attention to detail I put in my work.  I would consider it an honor that you would trust me to create that next special household or gift item for you.  Thank you, and take care.

Sincerely, Timothy Neal
WoodWorksbyTim, LLC

PS:  It's been over 40 years...but wherever Mr. Pye is...he would be very proud that I also would be very disappointed to see anyone apply paint over a piece of Mahogany.

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