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Requesting Custom Work

Requesting Custom Work

First, let me clarify what I mean by "custom work".  I consider any item that you cannot order from stock on to be a custom item.  This does not include items which are offered, but are out of stock.  Custom work would also include stock items which you want modified in some way.  For example, engraving a name of a pen.  A cutting board where a specific size or type of wood is requested would also be considered custom work.  I think you get the picture. 

To make ordering custom work as simple as possible, I've outline a five steps below that you and I will need to follow. 

1.  Email your requirements
2.  Phone interview
3.  Review and agree to statement of work
4.  Submit down payment (non-refundable)
5.  Review final product/submit balance/ship order

E-Mail Your Requirements
Email your request for custom work to  You can also use the Contact Us link on the main page to send your request.  Include your contact info (name, address, phone), as well as the best time to reach you.  Include as much detail as you can about the item you're requesting.  This will save us both time, by allow me to do as much research as possible prior to moving to Step 2.  Helpful details you might provide include color, type of wood, dimensions, and how many.  It also helpful to know the item will be used.  For example:  Will the custom made pen you're ordering be displayed on a shelf as a collectable, or will it be put to daily use. 

Phone Interview
After reviewing your request and doing any necessary research I will contact you to discuss your request.  The purpose of this interview is to make sure I understand your needs, including the timing of delivery.  We'll also touch on payment requirements. 

Statement of Work
Base on what I learned in your initial request and in the follow up interview, I'll put together a Statement of Work (SoW).  The SoW is basically an agreement that you must sign-off on prior to any work being initiated.  The SoW will detail the exact product I am agreeing to make, the price, shipping and handling costs, and a proposed shipping date.  I can only honor the price and shipping and handling quote for two weeks from the date of the SoW.  After the two week period you will need to request an updated quote of those items. 

The SoW will be email to you for your review.  If you agree with the work that is to be done, and to the costs, then you would return the statement of work, stating in the email that you agree. 

Submit Down Payment
Along with returning the SoW, you will also need to summit the agreed upon down-payment as detailed in the SoW.  The amount required for down-payment will vary for each request.  It will depend on the uniqueness of the item ordered, the upfront costs for raw materials, and the final item price.  The down payment is NOT refundable once work has begun.  However, I will look at each order cancellation on a case by case basis, totally at my discretion to determine if a partial refund is warranted.  I will determine this based on costs of time and materials already incurred, and the likelihood of recovering any value from the unfinished product.

Final Product Review/Submit final Payment/Ship Order
I will send you a photograph of the final product and a request for payment once I have completed work on your custom order.  The item will be shipped once the final Payment is received.

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