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Handmade Pens

Stock and custom handmade pens for your writing pleasure.

Each one of my writing instruments is handmade, one at a time by me. I turn each individually on a lathe in my workshop. The turned pen is then sanded with progressively finer abrasives until the surface is extremely smooth. To protect my wooden pens, I apply a very durable, high-gloss finish that results in a look that's elegant and flawless.  I do have an inventory of pens that do not have the labor intensive gloss finish.  They are sold at a lower cost to reflect the reduced labor involved.  In addition, I also offer non-wood acrylic pens for sale.  Acrylics can make stunning pens in their own right, which makes them very popular.  I offer them here to give you as many options as possible. 

I offer writing instruments in several styles to satisfy most tastes. Use the Search box to help zero in on what you're looking for. If a product to see is sold out, please contact me. I can probably make another like it, or one that's very close.

If you have an idea for a pen that you don't see here, contact me to discuss. I'll do my best to bring that idea to reality.

I can also craft a pen from wood that you supply, that has some sentimental value for you. Maybe you have salvaged wood from the porch of that house you lived in for 40 years; or a branch from that tree you planted when your child was born, that was felled in a storm; or maybe some salvaged wood from an old historic building. It wouldn't take much wood to turn it into a treasured keepsake.

Happy browsing!

If a pen you like is SOLD OUT, in most cases I can replicate it pretty closely and have it ready to ship in 1-2 weeks. Just contact me with the model number to order yours.

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